Transfer platform

With expertise across a wide variety of building materials industries, SKM provides its clients with innovative and imaginative solutions designing and building transfer tables.

Traversers as individual or standard solution

SKM designs, develops and optimizes transfer platforms for the production of AAC, sand lime bricks, stoneware and for refractory materials.

Transfer platforms or sliding platforms are an invaluable tool for maintaining material flow in your factory. We have a long track record of delivering transfer tables for the use in several industries, as autoclave platforms, transfer platforms bringing curing cars into the heating chamber as well as turntables or traversers in sand lime brick industry transporting pressed bricks or hardened bricks.

SchiebebühneWe can upgrade existing plants, built extensions or supply completely new developments. Our scope of supply normally comprises the electric control, coating, documentation, assembling and commissioning up to the final performance test. Once the customer operates the transfer platform, we can assist with a variety of services.

Our transfer platform can be equipped with several transport possibilities mounted on the platform, i.e. wheel drives or crocodile. They are supplied

  • for the positioning: automatic or manual,
  • with a length of two, three, six, twelve meters or even longer and
  • with devices for exact positioning.

The sliding platforms can carry heavy weights. On customer’s request, we supply the traverser with switch cabinet mounted on the transfer platform or beside the transfer platform.The cabinet is operated with an operating panel for parameter setting and fault message.

We offer solutions for the following industries:

  • AAC production
  • Sand lime brick production
  • Production of stoneware
  • Production of refractory materials
  • Plants producing concrete or precast concrete elements

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