Plant Retrofitting

Demands on AAC producing machines are continiously on the increase. Our solutions are perfectly matched to these demands. Many years of experience in the manufacture of AAC blocks and panels form the basis for our solution to your plant.

Modernization of existing factories

SKM develops tailored solutions for the modernization of existing AAC plants. Such solutions result in an increased end-product quality and additional throughput, significant cost savings, an enhanced safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

We offer a comprehensive service throughout, tailored to suit your operational requirements and business needs, including full site audits, identifying current or potential issues to be dealt with, consultancy to develop the best value solution for your needs and full or partial refurbishment.

All makes or models

A team of engineers and technicians with their high level of expertise will assist you from the initial planning to the technical transformation of both the mechanical and the electrical part. Our engineers have extensive experience in working with different technologies, including Ytong, Hebel, Durox, Siporex, Unipol or Svanholm. Thus, we can offer refurbishments for all makes or models. We understand retrofitting not to be done on a ‘like-for-like’ replacement. Rather the potential of the whole plant should be exploited. No matter whether a new cutting line, upgrades of controls S5 to S7 or a new packaging is needed, we will find a feasible and appropriate solution. Our energy management system provides you with the necessary tools to monitor and reduces energy consumption. This goes together with heat and steam recovery systems, intelligent machine setting and recording of production data as well as measures for a more efficient use of sources.

We listen, advise and implement

Moreover, we understand retrofitting as a collaboration between the customer and SKM. With our flexible approach seeking what is the best solution for the customer, we perform inspections, present the results to you and encourage you to make the decision on what work will be completed. Our collaboration goes from problem diagnosis, solution development, installation and commissioning, right through to training the staff. Our engineers have a broad background in AAC production. We know that every hour of lost production costs. Therefore our aim is that refurbishments are performed with minimal interruption to the operation of the plant. Depending on the type and scale, modernization measures can even be implemented during running time.

Producing AAC blocks and panels is your business. Making your processes cost-effective and more efficient is ours. Call us to discuss how refurbishment can save you money.