Turnkey AAC plant

SKM provides building technology solutions and production lines for the manufacture of innovative and efficient building materials. Our tried and tested modular system permits tailored solutions, in particular where there is a need to align the plant with special customer requirements.

Economic plants for AAC blocks and panels

The success of a AAC factory depends on its economical, technical and technological feasibility. SKM offers as an AAC plant manufacturer tailor-made solutions for turnkey autoclaved-aerated concrete plant owners.

Although autoclaved aerated concrete which containing up to 80 percent air is regarded as a lightweight among the building materials, its production is not so easy. The production process places great demands on the dosing of raw materials and fermentation and the control of every production process. Our autoclaved aereated concrete manufacturing plants master this process.

Through our many years of international experience in mechanical engineering and the professional expertise of our partners of aac-concept, we can produce complete turn-key plants for the autoclaved aerated concrete production and supply them throughout the world. Our engineers develop solutions that implement technically perfect the requirements of our customers. As well safety standards, demands to machine handling and aspects of environmental protection are considered. Above all, a consistently high quality of final products and the efficiency of our plants are in the foreground.

We offer our customers different plant types of AAC blocks production lines to choose from. These types of plants can be individualized in accordance with the requirements of our customers as far as the production capacity per day, the level of automation and the technical design are concerned. Due to its modular construction, our plants can also easier be adapted to changing demands of customers.

Essential parts of a turnkey plant are: Sand Ball Mill, Slurry Tanks with integrated Stirrers, Mould Oiling Machine, Mixing Tower, Transfer Table, Transfer Table in the Rising Section, Tilting Crane, Cutting Line, Autoclaves, Autoclave Crane, Curing Plate Cross Feeder, Seperating Machine, Unloading Crane, Packaging.

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