The broad range of services offered by SKM provides customized solutions for each customer and secures the productivity of the plant or machine.

Dependable Customer Support

Inspections, maintenance, overhauls, machines repairs, continual modernization, diagnostic software for fault analysis and optimized work flows minimize the downtimes and ensure optimal performance of the machine.

As a longtime specialist machine builder and supplier of machinery for the building materials industry, we are at your side a machine life long. We are more than just a supplier of machines, but as a production partner for our customers. This is why we see the handover of a machines and the training of the staff as the beginning of an enduring service partnership. If problems arise, we work intensively on an individual solution for the machine user.

We have a wide rage of service offerings, which you can read more about below:

Remotes Maintenance


Spare Parts

Maintenance, Overhauls and Modernization

Plant Scan

Industrial Cleaning


Relocation of Machines

Technical Dokumentation


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