SKM develops new forklift truck attachment

Bale clamps with an integrated dewiring device

Thanks to SKM, the handling of non-palletized goods is much easier now. SKM has developed a prototype of bale clamps with an integrated dewiring device. Unlike conventional forklift truck attachments, SKM’s newly developed clamping arms can dewire recovered paper bales even during transportation. This combines two steps in one operation.

BallenklammerFor transportation, reusable materials are pressed into bales and bound with wires. The handling of these bales is generally effected by forklift trucks with bale clamps. For further processing in paper mills, the recovered bales have to be dewired. This is done manually in a great number of paper production lines.

The new bale clamps with an integrated dewiring device guarantee a significant increase in throughput and more safety in the paper production process.

Fields of application: paper industry, recycling, industry, textile industry

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