SKM improves production of AAC panels

Wax bath for manufacture of AAC panels

SKM has designed and built a new wax bath which improves the production of AAC reinforced elements.

A German AAC factory benefits from the know-how of SKM. We have developed and built a wax bath for its panel production in which reinforcing pins are dipped to keep reinforment cages at their exact position.

The double-walled tank can take up to 3 containers with reinforcing pins. It is designed for the dipping of reinforcing pins into liquid wax for the application of a wax layer acting as a release agent against anti-corrosive paint. After having been in the bath, the containers are placed on a frame, which is welded with a drain board for paint residues. Residues can flow back from there into the tank. To avoid heat losses, the wax bath well insulated.

The heating system of the bath consists of a hot water circuit with two electric radiators screwed in. The heating power (and selected wax temperature) is controlled by the temperature sensor in the wax bath. To support the circulation of the liquid wax, a stirrer with baffle (guide plate) is installed at one end of the bath.

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Project Manager: Kai-Uwe Löffler + 49 35774 356-13